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Every Stylish Working Class Man Should Own These 7 Shoes

Every Stylish Working Class Man Should Own These 7 Shoes
March 23, 2017 Chinedu Nnani Chinedu

A stylish man should look the part even at work. Unlike women, the number of essential shoes every stylish working class man should own can be counted on two hands.

This article is about the ultimate shoe check-list for the stylish working class man. These shoes are important as they can be worn not only to the office, but also to other functions.

They include:

Black Oxfords


Black Oxford shoes are a good investment. They can be worn with almost any suit.

Brown Brogues


They are slightly less dressy than black Oxford shoes, but they are also very essential.

Monk Straps


Both double and single monk strap shoes add instant charm to any outfit.

Chelsea Boots


These can be worn with a sweater and denim trousers for drinks with the boys or with a suit and tie to the office.



Whether in leather, velvet or suede, loafers are elegant without looking too flashy.

Leather Sneakers



Sneakers are must-haves especially for young men. They can be worn for casual events or with suits to cocktail parties.

Suede Derby Shoes



Like leather sneakers, they can be worn for casual days at the office.


SOURCE: Style Vitae


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